TIAA Plan Focus

TIAA-CREF, a leading financial services provider, today announced the launch of PlanFocus®, a new website for retirement plan sponsors. The site helps plan sponsors and plan consultants manage and optimize plans, drive outcomes and engage employees.

“Increasingly, plan sponsors are asked to do more with fewer resources, so optimizing their time with information and tools at their fingertips is crucial. TIAA-CREF has made a significant investment in PlanFocus, our plan sponsor website, using the latest technology to make plan administration and management easier and more intuitive for plan sponsors and their consultants,” said Susan Fulshaw, managing director, product development at TIAA-CREF.Dalbar, a financial services market research firm, has recognized PlanFocus as a leading retirement plan sponsor website.i The firm studied 48 websites to assess their compliance support offerings, usability and user support capabilities.”We listened carefully to the needs and challenges of clients and consultants to create a site that provides access to information, tools and resources to help them best administer their plan, support fiduciary duties and track toward plan goals,” Fulshaw added.Key features of the site include:

  • Comprehensive plan analytics, with multidimensional data filtering and reporting capabilities that provide plan sponsors with access to detailed plan participant information. Insights gleaned from this data can be used to develop employee engagement strategies that can help improve retirement readiness.
  • A robust section dedicated to fiduciary and compliance resources and tools to help plan sponsors understand and fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and adhere to any compliance requirements. Plan sponsors receive clear direction to better manage plans, in addition to the tools and resources to help them understand their fiduciary duties and responsibilities.
  • A single access point to regulatory updates and developments, TIAA-CREF’s plan sponsor newsletters, thought leadership and information about upcoming plan sponsor webinars. Other features include enhanced transactional capabilities, easy access to forms and educational resources for plan sponsors and their participants.